Jelly packaging design ordered by a large company producing nuts and dried fruits.

According to the employer’s order, this product is only available in the store and does not sell in hypermarkets, We ignored the market competitors and presented our new ideas. The identity of the orderer has a classic theme with the seasoning of modern and up-to-date space, so we used Iranian nostalgia motifs in combination with the form and structure of the old matchbox, one of the goals of choosing sturdy sliding packaging was its frequent and functional use in the kitchen or daily life.

In contrast to the common packaging in the market that uses jelly image and according to the sales position, the studio’s design team decided to use fruit illustration to show the taste and pleasant feeling of freshness and savory of the product, and with typography as jelly and taste of the product quickly connect with the audience.

Also, due to the variety of flavors, we were able to achieve attractive and eye-catching coloring that Among the large volume of products, easily segregated in the shop showcase and encourage the audience to buy.