Anane is a sub-brand under the newly launched master brand Dado Foods, A new generation snacking company.  Anane, means grandma in Turkish, thus the whole branding is done to bring a nostalgic look into the cozy and familiar nutty spreads. With Anane you get a spoonful of homemade goodness with a unique taste that you can not get anywhere else but in your granny’s kitchen. The branding, web design and social media management are all done by us, Hnycomb Studio.


Hnycomb Studio

Creative Director: Hazal Akgun
Designer: Melike Gonensay
Designer: Damla Cifci
Photographer: Can Mete
Photo Stylists:: Nilsu Sengul
Photo Stylists:: Melike Gonensay
Photo Stylists:: Hazal Akgun
Dado Foods