Take Me To The Mountains | Mountains Coffee Collection

Because of the impact of COVID-19, Taiwanese people’s leisure and entertainment choices have also changed a lot. Camping and mountaineering have become the best choices besides traveling abroad. Many people began to try to start their own first holiday with friends and family members. camping or hiking.

Fortunately, Taiwan has a geographical environment where you can travel between mountains and cities within 30 minutes, providing a great environment for promoting camping and outdoor activities. At a time when the epidemic is slowing down, we want to promote outdoor activities through coffee, so that people are more willing to get out of the house, camping, hiking, and enjoying delicious coffee with friends and family.

We have selected three coffees produced in the mountain region. Through the packaging design, the product appearance is connected with the image of camping and mountaineering. The three flavors look like three small tents. The coffee enjoyed in camping activities, and the brand’s role is integrated into the packaging design, presenting a lively but not childish illustration design, which strikes a balance between the value of the product and the brand image.
In addition to filter coffee suitable for beginners, it also provides a choice of coffee beans for consumers, and also provides related teaching on coffee brewing. Consumers can brew a cup with simple steps in the teaching included in the package. Delicious coffee, we hope to convey good things through coffee, so that consumers can enjoy more fun in life.