Yaffo Winery – Homage Range


Yaffo Winery is the heartfelt story of a family, spanning two generations and two countries, from France to Israel. Jaffa, a tourist destination and one of the oldest ports in the world, is a perfect example of the new overlapping the old. Tall ancient towers and age-old buildings inspired us to rebrand with custom-made illustrations and a clean, modern label to suit this great winery and the people who create such wonderful wines.

We focused on Yaffo as a tourist destination with custom illustrations of its buildings and of the famous Jaffa port for the two higher-end designs.

For a fresher, minimalistic label, we introduced the special shape for the reserve range label, and the split label for the special reserve with the same custom illustration of Jaffa Port, both with gold foil, and embossing, thus creating individuality but preserving the brand. Our challenge was to create three wine ranges, varying in price, but with equally superior appearances. The label includes gold foil and illustrations for the Sauvage range.

What is unique?

The concept of old and modern, the distinguished label design comprising different shapes for different ranges, the custom-made illustrations based on the beautiful, historical buildings and towers, all being focused on Jaffa as an ancient port embraced by the new.