Brand development, label design, packaging. A family living in the Golan Heights and passionate about fine spirits, teamed together to do what they love – brewing the finest whiskey they could at their boutique distillery. Their distilled whiskies are aged using four different oaks. By using both local and imported grains, spring and well water, and state-of-the-art casks selected by their master distiller, they know all about testing boundaries and making breakthroughs toward the art of masterful whiskey.

The design showcases the family history and aged perfection. The regal gold foil logo matches the whiskey’s natural colour and sits atop the label which portrays tradition and elegance. There are various bold fonts finished with spot gloss varnish on natural white paper. We successfully created two colour-coded ranges of whiskey with matching gift boxes in imperial blue, black, chocolate brown, maroon, and caramel. The height of quality.

This boutique distillery displays a label permeated with history and tradition, where old-time whiskey has been honed to perfection, and now stands in a class of its own. The special corrugated neck tag and cork strip label attached to the neck and the flange, are unique, contributing to a look of superiority. The two colour-coded whiskey ranges with matching gift boxes correspond to the different oaks used for distilling.


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