Corvin Art School

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Coffee Stand is the Hungarian capital’s best-kept secret: there are 3 tiny stands scattered throughout downtown Pest that offer the most delicious new-wave specialty coffee.
The project aimed to build a distinctive brand with unique visuals that align with the company’s core values: offering high-quality products but also sharing love and respect for our environment and architectural heritage.

The brand invites coffee lovers to slow down and discover the hidden treasures of Budapest. This concept was carried through to the design of the brand identity and packaging, which use elegant, illustrative imagery. The color scheme of all visuals is mainly limited to the black-and-white contrast, but it also introduces a pop of color: turquoise blue, a characteristic shade of the local art deco architecture. The illustration highlights three art deco palaces from the streets where the Budapest Coffee Stands are located. The logo’s emblem was also inspired by one of the building’s elegant ceramic decor pieces.

With this packaging, we introduced a new product for the company: a smooth-flavored cold brew served in glass bottles called “The Taste of Brewdapest.” The box itself may seem simple from the outside, but once it’s open, it also creates the opportunity for more discoveries. Under the bottle, there is a hidden compartment with special ingredients: dried oranges and rosemary, which give the richest and most refreshing flavor to a cold brew coffee drink.