Atlas Branding

47 Rankin Ave, Asheville, NC 28801, USA

Atlas Branding worked with Lavender Coffee Boutique based in Denver, CO to imagine a premium coffee brand that introduces CBD coffee to the luxury market.

The packaging design experience feels editorial and leaves customers with a sense of calm to their morning routines. From developing a custom logotype, to oil painting an abstract Colorado landscape in shades of purple and clay, the design balances an intrinsic femininity that intentionally connects with their ideal female demographic. The original oil painting was divided into four areas so each coffee bag is using its own unique piece of the landscape. When sitting together on the shelf, it becomes one cohesive landscape painting.

All aspects of this design from the brand identity to the product photography, were completed in our studio. We wanted customers who purchased Lavender Coffee to be proud to display this little piece of art on their kitchen countertops.


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