Atlas Branding

47 Rankin Ave, Asheville, NC 28801, USA

Edit Beer Co. based in Raleigh, NC, wanted a name that conjured up ideas of editing media, scripts, novels, and the meticulous process of editing yourself when brewing beer. They connected with Atlas, a strategic design studio that works with food and beverage brands, to explore their editing theme as a visual identity for craft beer branding. The flagship can release features vintage collage compositions inspired by the names and unique stories behind each beer.

Atlas went antiquing for classic magazines from an era when art and copy went hand-in-hand, painstakingly conceived and crafted. This inspiration was combined with public domain and commercial stock images. They left the collages with rough cut edges in the can designs, displaying their halftones so each beer can looks very much in process and development, not too polished or commercial.

To support their analog efforts, collages are framed by bright, pop color-blocking and a brush script logo reminiscent of Pink Pearl, Viarco pencils, and Swingline staples. As the brewery grows, Atlas will continue to explore how this approach to design can extend to other mediums and representations in their beer can design.

Curator’s Insight

The fusion of these bold, vibrant shades with the old-school collage is like a party that catches you by surprise. It’s like saying, “Hey, we’re not just about old stuff; we’re all about the fun too!