Wolf Point Bourbon Whiskey

Dusan Sol

Čačak, Serbia

At the confluence of the North, South, and Main branches of the Chicago River you will discover a historically significant area of the city named Wolf Point.

Wolf Point was central to the early development of Chicago, from its humble beginnings as a settlement in the late 18th century to its incorporation as a city in 1837.  It was the home of the city’s first tavern, theater, factory,  hotel, trans-river ferry, trans-river bridge, and much more. The true origin of the name “Wolf Point” is unknown, but there are three prevailing theories.

Goal was to create three labels with all three stories illustrated as focal point of the design.

One of the theories comes from a tavern that was built on the west bank of the river in 1828 by John Kinzie. through the years it passed without a name through various landlords until it come under the management of William Walters. around 1833, walters hung a sign with the image of a wolf outside of the tavern.

It was said to be in honor of a previous landlord’s singlehanded victory against a vicious wolf that had intruded their meat house during the day. From then on, the tavern and the region were known as “wolf point”