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The love of some members of a family in Durango Mexico was the driving force behind the creation of this brand. Guided by the phases of the moon and inspired by consciousness, they seek the optimal seasons marked by Mother Nature to create a mezcal through artisan processes.

Mezcal of very limited production that shows the divinity of the lands and the riches of the mezcal spirit.

A mezcal worthy of being honored, a mezcal of ritual, of celebration.

“CELEBRANTE” is the name assigned to this drink, a drink that celebrates its process, celebrates nature and the entire ecosystem around work. Worth sharing in the best moments, a drink to celebrate.

The bottle is faceted and each of its sides includes a member of the family, including the sun and the moon, main actors in the creation of this drink.

The graphic identity strives to tell the story of the entire process through its label, a label worthy of sharing and interpreting, a reinterpretation of the chopped paper used at mexican folk parties and in offerings, a way of exalting and thanking the land for the mezcal obtained.


Hi estudio

Familia Mayagoitia