A mezcal from Oaxaca that transcends the limits of normality, it is impregnated with a clandestine essence that awakens the senses and defies established conventions.  Inspired by the forbidden, this distillate plunges into a world of hidden messages and rebellion, fusing a pinch of anarchy to give life to an unprecedented contemporary project.

The guiding idea arises from the era of prohibition in Mexico where liquor was transported in barrels by donkeys which were marked with the number 7 to identify the barrel with distillate.

The design of Clandestino 7 has been carefully designed trying to move away from the traditional themes commonly addressed in mezcal to enter a contemporary aesthetic.  We intend to challenge the expectations of what is expected in a mezcal.  Each bottle is a visual invitation to explore the unknown, to delve into a sensory universe where the key messages and transgression converge, giving space in the market to a new mezcal for the streets.

Curator’s Insight: Clandestino 7 is a mezcal that breaks the mold and takes you on a journey to the underground world of prohibition and rebellion. The bottle design is stunning and captivating, with a sleek black label that contrasts with the clear glass and the amber liquid. The label features a stylized donkey with the number 7, a nod to the historical origins of this distillate and its clandestine essence. The typography is modern and bold, conveying a sense of anarchy and defiance. The bottle also has hidden messages that can only be seen under UV light, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to this mezcal.