Deconstructive Elements


Deconstructive Elements—A Brilliant Idea Setting off a craze of literature and art of England Morphy Richards

The secret of innovation lies in breaking prejudices. The collaboration of Morphy Richards and the Majolica series spans 700 years and reinterprets the contemporary “table art” through the fusion of three pottery dishes. Majolica’s prints come from pottery plates, most of which have been deformed, so many collaboration styles are very conservative. The magic of the “Food Renaissance” series is that it does not destroy or copy artworks, retaining the authentic artistic texture to the greatest extent. Suitable for female users, the design selects the exquisite and elegant Bella Donna pottery plate, supplemented by the great motto of “Nothing in the world is reaped without hard work, ” which is in line with Morphy’s brand concept of illuminating life with creativity.



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