JDO takes Hawaiian Tropic beyond the beach with a modern new look that gorgeously highlights the iconic sunscreen brand’s skin-loving credentials.

Hawaiian Tropic was founded in 1969 and has since gained a fiercely devoted following with its vast range of luxurious, sensorial sun protection products. As the next generation of sun lovers rises, they bring with them a profound beauty philosophy based on awareness, authenticity, and acceptance. This, along with the collision of suncare and skincare, has set new expectations for the category.

JDO was tasked with evolving Hawaiian Tropic with a more conscious and intentional sensibility that would better resonate with the values of this youthful, yet wise audience. It was imperative that the restaging maintained the magnetic essence of Hawaiian Tropic as it made the shift from a carefree, only-for-the-beach sunscreen brand to a thoughtful, all-occasions skin-loving brand.

By reframing Hawaiian Tropics’ heritage with a greater emphasis on its skincare benefits and a more modern sense of what beauty means, JDO has crafted a new identity that brings both clarity and credibility, illustrating in stunning detail how consumers can indulge in the Hawaiian Tropic experience, both in and out of the sun.

“Hawaiian Tropic is a beautiful brand, that holds a special place in the hearts and minds of its extremely loyal following,” comments Paul Drake, Founding Partner and Creative Director of JDO. “For that reason and more, we felt very protective of the brand and worked very hard to retain its allure as we brought stronger relevance with a more contemporary aesthetic.”

From rebalancing the logo for greater elegance to highlighting the brand’s natural qualities by elevating its iconic Hibiscus flower, the new identity embodies Hawaiian Tropic’s new positioning as an everyday skin-loving brand. Simplifying the pack not only creates a more contemporary look but also gives space for the brand to convey ethical, eco-positive messaging to better resonate with a new, more conscientious consumer.

“With strong nostalgia and a sensorial experience unlike any other, Hawaiian Tropic possesses incredible potential to become an essential for everyday beauty,” comments Elizabeth Gioia, Senior Global Brand Strategy and Innovation Manager, Sun Care at Edgewell. “The stunning new identity that JDO has created evolves the brand with fidelity and finesse, helping Hawaiian Tropic embrace its future as a modern beauty brand for people who love their skin as much as they love the sun.”