Añañau (delicious! in the Quechua language) is a chocolate brand from Cusco, Peru. It is born in the heart of a family proud to care for and value chocolate as a divine gift, a magical connection with their ancestors and nature.

The design was inspired by the story of the Inca Goddess Quilla, who symbolizes the protection of the earth and its fruits. It also represents the woman of the Cusco community in her role of caring for the ancestral cocoa. Also “Mama Quilla” means Goddess of the moon, considered a symbol of fertility and renewal.

For the packaging, the Inca art and the exaggerated patterns of their figures were explored, with a color palette that evokes Mother Earth and her warmth. Each tablet is a window to the Inca culture and its legacy for us!


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Creative Director: Manuel Cárdenas
Account Director: Alejandra Vásquez
Art Director: Mafer Benavente
Graphic Designer: Luis Pajuelo
Account Executive: Marjorie Ruiz
Photography: Andrés Alfaro
Post production: Diego Zegarra