“Nice, finally back to the dentist” is a sentence that sounds quite implausible. Yet a beautiful smile is the first thing we notice about another person. Two reasons why the startup DrSmile sells invisible dental trays at a low price online. To ensure that the DIY dental treatment with step-by-step instructions also goes down well at home, in 2018 the brand was looking for a packaging concept to match the toothpaste smile for the English-speaking market.

To ensure that not only the dental tray but also the packaging would put a smile on the user’s face, we focused on two things: intuitive unboxing through a chronological sequence combined with a clean, minimalist design and high-quality blind embossing. In keeping with the look and feel of the brand, the phrase “Smile from your heart” was also created from text modules on the individual packages.

Concept, Art Direction, Design: büro bungalow (2018)