Luxury is a double-edged sword!

It is not always necessary to drown the product in the pattern and cover it with cardboard and paper.

A real designer sometimes has to encourage the customer to value and make the product full of pride!

Zaeem’s saffron syrup is one of the most delicious and beautiful drinks, and for this reason, the presentation and transparent layering is the only thing that needs targeting and moving forward in the right direction like a razor’s edge, and we are happy that this was possible.

Black packaging brings a sense of curiosity and mystery to customers. Black color emphasizes the prominence and appearance of the product and also induces a state of originality and luxury.

There is a saffron flower on the package. This saffron flower attracts the attention of customers with its detailed details and vivid colors that represent the authenticity and value of saffron. This image symbolizes the glory of saffron and gives customers the feeling of experiencing a unique product.

In addition, the packaging is matte and covered with a soft layer. This feature adds softness and softness to the packaging and conveys a feeling of relaxation to the customers.