During the Spring and Autumn Periods, Bian He, a native of Chu, was famous for “Heshibi”. His descendants settled on the banks of the Hudu River and lived on Amitabha Buddha for several generations. According to the ancestral “Jade Wine Jue”, later generations picked jade along the river to build cellars. This is the “Jade Cellar” located at Huqiao Winery in Jingzhou.

The spirits brewed in Puyu spirit Cellar is naturally aged, mellow and soft, and then distilled in a traditional pot to volatilize harmful substances. Although the production rate is low, the aftertaste is clean and refreshing, which is the best among wines. This is the old Huqiao wine called “Nanlu Yuye” by the ancients.

Hubei Hongliangye Wine Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Jiangling County Qu Winery, which was expanded from the Bianjia Winery of Amitabha Temple in Chuchuan. The leading product “Hongliangye” has successively won high-quality products in Hubei Province, trustworthy products for consumers nationwide, Chinese liquor products, and Paris International Gold Award. In the 1980s, Hongliangye products entered the Beijing market and were highly appraised by old leaders Chen Xilian and General Yang Chengwu. The famous poet and calligrapher Wu Zhangshu wrote a poem “Praise the Famous Wine of Hongliangye”, and Zhou Shaohua, a famous calligrapher and painter, wrote an inscription “Red Liangye”.

In 2010, the winery was successfully restructured into “Hubei Hongliangye Liquor Industry Co., Ltd.”, successfully inherited the original jade winemaking skills of Bianhe’s descendants, and developed Hongliangye original jade wine, “Hongliangye Wedding Banquet Wine”, “Jianghan liquor”. Fengsan Liquor Shop” and other series of products.

With new branches on old trees, Hubei Hongliangye Wine Co., Ltd. will enter a new period of rapid development.