LionPeng Design Studio


Diaoyutai Yupin is a high-end soy sauce flavor Baijiu brand owned by Diaoyutai Food Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which is produced in the core production area of Maotai Town soy sauce wine.

The royal style of Diaoyutai Yupin is naturally deeply rooted in people’s hearts and belongs to the genetic existence. The inspiration for this packaging design comes from the royal eaves elements in the Forbidden City of China, combined with modern aesthetic design language, to form a delicate bottle shaped eaves with diamond corners, and combined with the royal decorative elements of the box body, Chinese dragon culture runs through it. The complex traditional elements are treated through Minimalism and functionalism, and observed at a longer distance, so that the product recognition ability can be strengthened, and at the same time, it has excellent detail viewing function and product use experience.

The delicate elements of China’s most traditional “Chinese dragon and the Forbidden City elements” are attached to the two handed gift box, which will carry forward Chinese Baijiu, pass on the etiquette of being a cultural ambassador and making friends all over the world.