Maralto: The Future in A.I. Beer


São Paulo, SP, Brasil


The release of a new line of craft beers gave us the opportunity to create a project of pure experience and innovation, co-created with AI from beginning to end. Six MARALTO products, six stories Through ChatGPT, we create plots where the traveler searches for treasures, encounters sea monsters, and unravels great mysteries. With MidJourney, illustrations were born. Mixed reality allowed us to evaluate the result achieved. With a dynamic QR code, packaging and social networks are connected, providing a continuous experience. The story that starts in the can continues through graphic novels on social media, also created by AI. A perfect partnership between artificial and human intelligence. An inclusive project, which made a great result possible for a small company.

What Is The Project

It all starts with the name MARALTO, translated as “high sea”, which was born to tell stories. The MARALTO line of beers has six products. For each of them, we present stories and illustrations co-created with AI. Stories that are born on the packaging and, through a dynamic QR Code, are connected and complete on social networks Being limited editions, with each new edition, new stories will be told, as if it were a series with new seasons.

What Is The Objective

User experience. Interaction and a closer relationship with the packaging and the product. The stories, which are on the back of each can, provoke and arouse curiosity. All of them begin with the phrase, “Imagine yourself”. Then the introduction to the adventure begins, but it doesn’t end here. The QR Code invites: Embark on this story! In each beer variant, a different story is presented: The Guardian of the Abyss, Giant Fury, Mystery of the Depths, Ocean’s Shadow, The Mermaid’s Kiss, and The Mighty God of the Sea. The result is a dark and intriguing universe that is interactive and exceeds all expectations.


It is on MARALTO where navigation is free, the sea is deeper, and, mainly, there are no pre-established limits or rules to be respected. In these unexplored seas, full of mystery, the sky is the limit, and space opens up to a universe of infinite possibilities. It is precisely in this place—in this portion of abundant waters—that we have positioned a craft beer brand that flows lightly between aromas and flavors, surpassing the limits of what is known, innovating in products, and always swimming against the current to deliver treasures in beer shape. MARALTO, the mysteries of Cerveja Viva, “alive beer”.

 Curator’s Insight

The magic that happens when technology and storytelling collide. ChatGPT, the AI sidekick, weaves tales of treasure hunts, sea monsters, and mysteries. These aren’t your regular brews; they’re like passports to exploration.