São Paulo, SP, Brasil


Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent increase in demand for lung ventilators, we decided to make our know-how in technology and design available to society. This is how the Open Air Project was born — a transient emergency respiratory support developed to meet the high demand of hospitals with an increasing number of COVID-19 patients.


Our main objective was to deliver a lung ventilator that met the minimum requirements of Anvisa and partner hospitals so that it could be used by the greatest possible number of patients. The “Open Air” brand was designed so that the “air” element was in evidence, within the context of mechanical breathing, communicating equipment that responds to serious emergency situations, causing the sensation of movement, mimicking the exchange of air provided by pulmonary ventilation.


All branding, creation, naming, and product design were done internally by the Empathy team. Together, but remotely, we discussed all the details so that the final result of the communication met what we expected for a project of such importance.

Relevance and suitability

Open Air is a project aimed at the health area, with the aim of helping to relieve the high demand for ventilators. As with all the technical and medical aspects, creating a brand that accurately represented the purpose of the product was a challenge, and after several iterations and explored paths, we arrived at a brand that made total sense and suited what we wanted. we wanted to deliver, which ratified what we sought to communicate: air for all those who had breathing difficulties, especially in a time as delicate as the COVID-19 pandemic.


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São Paulo, SP, Brasil
Graphic Designer: Paulo Ramos
Graphic Design Coordinator: Igor Sá Fortes
IoT Project Manager : André Tritiack
Anesthetist Doctor: Dr. Marcelo Torres
Founder/CEO & CEMO : Gabriel Lopes
Partner/CEEO: Anie Lou
Partner/CEXD: Eduardo Moreno
CEPO: Giuliana Menezes
UX & UI Designer : Juliano Aguiar
Copywriter and Translator: Ana Key Kapaz
P.O.: Indy Kapaz
CCO/CBDO: Rafael Andriolli
Heath Strategist: Raúl Javales
Electrical Engineer: Luís Cláudio Gonzales
CEO Elka Plásticos: Charles Kapaz
Mecanical Engineer: Fernando Kolbe
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