RLG TEQUILAS is the most recent product under the Rancho La Gloria (RLG) family. Rancho La Gloria is an alcoholic beverage company specializing in agave based beverages. RLG is known for its innovation in the alcohol space as well as their popping colorful bottles and liquids. Traditionally, RLG has been a bright and fun brand.

In 1938, the Margarita was invented at the Rancho La Gloria Hotel by Danny Herrera in Tijuana, Mexico. Concocted for, and named after Hollywood actress Marjorie King, the perfect mixture of premium tequila, triple sec and lime – has become the worlds most popular cocktail.

At Rancho La Gloria, we are carrying the tradition and innovation from 1938. With our selection of ultra-premium Tequilas, we look to bring the same authenticity that was created over 84 years ago. Aged in french Oak barrels for over 18 months, these Tequilas bring alive generations of history and mastery with every sip.