Vedan Suiyuan Vegan Dumpling Packaging

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Vedan Suiyuan is the No. 1 vegetarian brand in Taiwan. After gaining a foothold in the instant noodle market, Suiyuan entered the frozen dumpling food for the first time. In addition to facing a wide range of competitive products, vegetarian food has a stereotyped image of boring and processed products for the public. How to attract the purchase desire of meat and vegetarians on the packaging, highlighting the delicious taste and research and development features has become an important issue.

With “suitable for meat and vegetables, delicious sharing” as the focus of communication, first of all, the delicious food is presented with a bright and modern display screen. Appropriate side dishes and sauces are adorned on the side, using Western cooking techniques to attract consumers’ attention. The color scheme adopts a concise style to make the image the focus, and at the same time, a small amount of text is added to briefly introduce the R&D technology to attract the interest of meat eaters. Let the design focus on breaking the boring stereotype of vegetarian food and re-understanding the diversity of plant-based meat dumplings. The bright color scheme highlights the healthy and nutritious properties of vegetable meat, and while it tastes delicious, it also adds a kindness to the earth’s environment.

After our design concept, the plant-based meat dumplings are both environmentally friendly and delicious, attracting meat and vegetarians to buy and resonate. The modern presentation allows consumers to feel the charm of vegetarian food, combined with simplified visuals and concise text descriptions, both of which highlight the health value of plant meat. This packaging design allows consumers to clearly see the deliciousness and diversity of plant meat dumplings on the shelf.In general, our packaging design comprehensively considers the problem, process and result, and successfully conveys the characteristics and differentiation of plant-based meat dumplings. Through this design, it is expected that the product will have an attractive and healthy brand image. Vegetable meat is a delicious choice for caring for the earth!


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