Yunnan Plateau Rape Flower Nectar

LionPeng Design Studio


This is a spoon filled honey produced in Luoping, Yunnan, China, which belongs to the packaging design of rural revitalization. The background story tells the story of every spring in Luoping, southwestern China, where a large area of bright yellow flowers bloom and millions of cauliflower plants bloom. These flowers produce about 20% of the total global rapeseed oil. At this time of year, beekeepers gather fragrant honey. From all over the country, they flocked to Luoping in time for the flowering season. Luoping Rape Flower Sea, as the earliest blooming and largest bee spring breeding base in China, produces over 2000 tons of raw honey annually.

The design is based on a bright honey amber orange color, which visually reflects the purity of naturally matured honey. High quality is the foundation of the product, and sales promotion is the source of rural revitalization. The first impression is to attract consumers, with the specially drawn gluttonous and honest lazy bear highlighting the emotional value of the “high affinity” of plateau rapeseed nectar. Luoping is known as the “largest natural garden in the world”, and its geographical value has been recognized by consumers. The next step is to break through the psychological level and generate an order demand. The background adds a honeycomb pattern to further highlight its identity, and the golden honey droplets flow down, giving rise to a psychological hint of “nutritional and delicious” visually. Design a tearable seal on the packaging structure for easy opening and storage.

In the dimension of brand endorsement, Yunnan Luoping geographical text logo has been added, echoing the brand impression of “high quality”. The overall packaging is closely related to the color scheme and design techniques of honey, giving the packaging a sense of “high quality” delicacy and providing consumers with high emotional value. The overall design is elegant, simple, and efficient in conveying, providing consumers with clear purchasing logic and laying a good foundation for conveying brand impressions.