Belzebon is bonbon manufactury, whose main themes are witchcraft and the world of the mystical in general. Their main goal is to encourage people not to condemn people who are different from the norm, since by doing so they might stigmatize the kindest and most benevolent of people, like they used to do to witches in the past. I designed the packaging of the brand according to the same philosophy. To the different flavours I gave different magical fantasy names, their own colours and their own illustrations based on Renaissance woodcuts.

Some of these illustrations might even seem grotesque or strike fear in the viewer, however, these are contrasted by the fact that the packages hide little pieces of handmade chocolate, and all flavours are meant to help in achieving a certain aspect of inner peace. This task is accomplished by the little spells packaged with each chocolate. As such, as our hands wander in the “cauldron-like” box, we can find and pick the magic words that our soul needs the most.