Enjoyood high end dry goods series

LionPeng Design Studio

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Top grade ingredients only require the simplest cooking method to enjoy the most natural flavor. Therefore, when building a high-end dry goods brand called Shixiangjia, we also used the simplest design techniques to convey the essence of “high-end”. How to convey the brand impression to consumers when facing them has also become one of the focuses of this design.

A good product usually conveys’ who I am and what I can do ‘, so by hollowing out and cutting the outer packaging, consumers can first understand the product itself. The communication of “high-end identity” comes from the content of the brand’s traceability: legendary high-end cuisine from Spain, Japan, and China, which is delivered to consumers through vacuum packaging after being cut by masters. Its complex and ancient production process endorses the high-end identity layer by layer. Three products are distinguished by color: blue represents grassland cattle under blue sky, orange represents abalone meat color, and red represents ham meat color to highlight the excellent quality of the product. The overall packaging tone follows simple design techniques to create a preliminary good impression of the brand.

In the era of healthy consumption, we specifically label calorie numbers on both sides of the packaging. This is very conducive to efficient brand communication on the shelves during offline channel listings, thus shaping the brand impression of “focusing on creating high-end healthy food”.