Go Han – Braised Pork & Beef Noodle


9th Fl Sethiwan Tower 139 Pan Rd Silom Bangrak Bangkok 10500 Thailand

Go Han: Braised Pork & Beef Noodle Soup Branding Design Project

Challenge: A restaurant specializing in braised pork, beef, and a variety of menu options plans to open a new location near a major road and market. They aim to establish a memorable brand identity that is suitable for promoting the restaurant’s quality and appeal, both in-store and online, for an extended period.

Idea: Start with the name “Gohan,” where “Go” translates to “elder brother” and “han” represents your father’s surname in Hokkien. The concise name carries distinctiveness and is easily memorable. Craft a Modern & Contemporary Chinese-style logo and graphics featuring pig and cow symbols, along with swirling patterns. These elements convey the aromatic flavors and the essence of the dishes. Use deep reds, blacks, and whites to evoke a timeless and captivating sense of contemporary Chinese culture. Extend this theme inside and outside the restaurant, creating a memorable and engaging atmosphere, and maintain a consistent online presence for brand cohesion.