Great and Golden

M. Valančiaus g. 1A, Vilnius 03105, Lithuania

The task

Green Feel’s is one of the major Lithuanian cosmetics producers. They offer quality products at a fair price. Taking in mind the market, Green Feel’s decided to offer a line of vitamins for your skin. We had to create a design solution to stand out on the crowded shelves.


Green Feel’s play in a competitive market in Lithuania, mostly in big supermarkets among a variety of cosmetic products. Our design has to grab attention and convey the value of the product.


After evaluating the market, we noticed that most of the packages in the category are overloaded with super crowded fruity, Vitamin-looking designs. Our idea was to create a minimal, yet eye-catching design. We used bright pastel colours with rarely used foil colours. The design is subtle, yet has a unique view on the function of the category.

What’s Golden?

We were crafty with details, having bright colours on the inside of the box to cheer you up and have a little wow effect.