Great and Golden

M. Valančiaus g. 1A, Vilnius 03105, Lithuania

The task
OLVEL is a private label supplement brand with a goal to make personal wellness easy. We had to create a new packaging for the line of children products.

Children category is quite competitive as the pharmacies have products of various producers some of whom even stood the test of time. So we had to come up with a packaging that would stand out among other children’s product packagings. They tend to be colourful, resembling each other. Therefore, we had to come up with a different idea.

We decided to create not only the packaging but also the whole story behind it. Therefore, we created a few characters which would represent different vitamins or supplements. We gave a name and a backstory for each of them.
We created minimal white packaging with colourful illustrations – portraits of characters that would let children to get know them.

What’s Golden?
We created an interactive game for children – each of the packaging contains a colour-blank illustration on the inner side of it. A kid can turn the packaging inside-out and colour it as one wishes. Therefore, this packaging became a toy as well.


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