Great and Golden

M. Valančiaus g. 1A, Vilnius 03105, Lithuania

The task
R&Detail is a new product of SalonAllianz – a Germany based company, specialising in consulting of beauty salons. They have strong knowledge in the market, are quite known for their quality solutions. Based on that, they’ve created their own product for professional beauty salons, also suitable for customers. Our task was to create a packaging system for variety of products (starting point is these 3 SKU).

Beauty salons in Germany are clean and minimal, mostly. The line we’ve created had to fit in all the interiors, be sophisticated, yet not too colourful or vivid. To grab the attention and be interesting, but to not disturb the surrounding, both in the salons and back at home.

We’ve created a geometrical pattern based on the type of hair or a function of the product, e.g. we have striped lines for a gel for straight hair, a dot pattern for anti-dandruff shampoo, etc. This way we can have multiple lines of products, having a unified look. Then, we’ve selected very subtle colours for the starting line of products. They differ, but just a bit, and that makes them suitable for all the interiors, yet exceptional. To have a more premium look, all the colours used are metallic, having exquisite shining, visible only if looked at carefully. Moreover, we were crafty with the details by adding special effects, such as UV lacquer, not only on the pattern itself, but also on the white space – to make the design as one. Also we played with finishing effects. Depending on the product function, we’ve selected either soft touch varnish with glossy elements (for glossy products) and soft touch without glossy varnish (for matte production) to supplement the idea. Lastly, we’ve added holographic foil. It is used not only for the logo, but also for some parts of the pattern to make it more interesting, unique and still delicate.

What’s Golden?
We were crafty with the details, such as UV lacquer. It is used not only on the pattern itself, but also on the white space – to have a unified look.


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