Devynerios: Cannabis Edition

Great and Golden

M. Valančiaus g. 1A, Vilnius 03105, Lithuania

Devynerios is a bitters family that is made of natural ingredients – various herbs and spices. Every 3-4 years The Nines brand introduces a limited edition product, based on the new trendy flavour. Limited editions aim to attract new consumers and show the versatility of the bitters category. This year’s limited edition theme – cannabis.

Our task was to create vivid, bold packaging, which unveils the new taste and invites younger consumers into the mystical world of Devynerios brand.

Cannabis is kind of a hipster trend nowadays and we can find a lot of new products presented to the market every day. We have to create a unique design, which stands out on the shelf, attracts attention and strengthens brand positioning.

First of all, we decided to create a unique color for the bottle. We selected the dark aubergine – to convey a magical night feeling and to reveal the mystical ingredients coming from the dark. Moreover, dark color lets us enhance the visibility of green cannabis.

Secondly, we created an enchanted cannabis illustration with some Lithuanian symbols, such as a grass snake. We also created an optical illusion for the leaves of the plant. The background is filled with floral details, to emphasize the layers of the design.

Finally, we used a holographic foil that gives a glow to particular elements of the design. This way, our product grabs the attention on the shelf and invites you into the mystical world of the Devynerios.

What’s Golden?
We truly crafted the details and selected special solutions. Some of the details are embossed and it gives the sense of tactility for the main ingredient – cannabis. Moreover, it is unique and gives a final touch to a youthful yet premium feel.