Green Feels Professional line

Great and Golden

M. Valančiaus g. 1A, Vilnius 03105, Lithuania

The task
Green Feel’s is a Lithuanian company proposing affordable quality products. One of the key products is a hair care line. This time they’ve created a special line for a healthy hair routine, and we had to create a design for it.

Green Feel’s play in a competitive market in Lithuania, mostly in big supermarkets among cheap products. Nevertheless, their products are of great quality and promising good results. So our design has to grab attention and convey the value of the product.

We have made some market research and noticed that most of the packages in the category are either white or overloaded with super crowded designs. So we’ve decided to create a minimal, yet eye-catching design based on a lot of empty space. We magnified the naming of the line for the user to be clear about what she or he gets. Then, we added a table, conveying the efficiency of the product. The selected colour is unusual for the category, so it grabs the attention.

What’s Golden?
Lastly, we’ve added some finishing touches by using black foil and glossy UV lacquer to emphasize some special details as the name of the line.


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