Great and Golden

M. Valančiaus g. 1A, Vilnius 03105, Lithuania

The task

Live well is a private label supplement brand with a goal to make personal wellness easy. We had to create a new name, branding, and packaging with a system for it.


This category is very competitive as the pharmacies have products from various producers some of whom even stood the test of time. Olvel (the new name for LiveWell products) has a line of various products for different wellness categories, around 50 SKUs. So our created brand, should be easily navigated and visually attractive to catch the user’s attention.


We wanted to turn shopping and consuming into an effortless experience. That’s why we created a block and colour system based on grids – for consumers to easily navigate through the difficult world of supplements. A system is applied for ~50 SKUs and 15 different categories. Moreover, it might be applied to a pile of additional products.

Then, we enlarged the product name – this way making the shopping experience easy. To make it memorable – we created a visual and professional asset with a medicinal cross.

Thirdly, we created a simple system of colour matching combinations that helps people find the product they need quickly. We have chosen the same colour for the same health area and diversified products by choosing a distinctive secondary colour. Therefore, customers can find, for example, beauty products by searching for the same main colour and then find the particular product by taking attention to the second colour.

Currently, the brand is launching across Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Polish pharmacies.

What’s Golden?

Finishing effects are used to emphasize the quality of the product. What is more, the selected colour scheme is vivid and cheerful – resembling the bright future with OLVEL supplements.


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