Pergale UNIQUE chocolates

Great and Golden

M. Valančiaus g. 1A, Vilnius 03105, Lithuania

Pergale is one of the oldest chocolate makers in Lithuania. They offer delicious pieces, some of which have a long history. What is more, Pergale always innovates introducing new flavour compositions – this time it is champagne-infused, gianduja & cocoa nibs. We had to create packaging for the boxes and also – wrapping paper for separate chocolate pieces.

Competition among the categories is quite harsh on the shelves – always crowded with vivid designs. Our created design has to be distinctive, captivating the attention and strengthening Pergale’s brand positioning.

First of all, we decided to create minimal packaging emphasising the main product – a unique piece of chocolate. The box is clean, giving each of the flavour their own space, this way making them the hero of the packaging. Then, we were picky with colours representing the flavours. Champagne – is sandy and bright, while gianduia & cocoa nibs are coral red – reminding of good times. We also added more colour on the sides of the boxes – making the customer’s choice easier on the shelves. Furthermore, the choice of typography and additional elements makes the customer experience easy while navigating the most important information.

What’s Golden?
Attention to detail was key. We used embossing and UV varnish to enhance the visibility Ų tactility of each chocolate piece. This way we create a premium look & feel elevating the overall consumer experience.