Head of Pica: I Design for the Three Major Tea Companies


Within one year, three major tea companies came to us.

Small Tea Pot, Lu Zhenghao, Wu Yutai, from 2021 to 2022 in 365 days, the three major tea companies signed Shuwei Qi 80% of the time.

The creation can not blindly cater to the customer no matter how strong he is
In 2022, Shuwei’s new packaging for the Lu Zhenghao Qingbai Oriental Tea Shop upgrade was released, and a fresh wind blew through the tea industry. Instantly, more than 20 tea companies knocked on the door to find Shuwei to upgrade their packages.

“Lu Zhenghao is already the first tea brand to change, but compared with the FMCG we serve, it is difficult to promote every step of change (tea companies).”

In terms of image and experience, Lu Zhenghao is an “innovator”. Once Lu Zhenghao changes, other brands will follow suit. To a large extent, it is Lu Zhenghao who defines the basic appearance of Chinese Longjing tea.

Before the participation of Shuwei, the slogan “high-end green tea bamboo leaf green” appeared on CCTV and elevator advertising, and West Lake Longjing, the “first of the ten famous teas” praised by the heads of countries in the past, has a collective reduction in sound volume, and can only look at the incomplete market, plucking at his beard from rage.

Lu Zhenghao’s boss Hu Ming once went to Japan to ask for a designer, and someone in the tea industry have employed a foreign designer, only to find that foreign people do not understand Chinese tea, and Chinese people do not recognize such style.