Hotel Des Arts Mooncake Box 2023

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La Perle de L’Extrême OrientHotel Des Arts Mooncake Box 2023

For a long time, the Mid-Autumn Festival has become one of the traditional holidays of the Vietnamese people. Every year, on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, family members gather together to enjoy cakes, sip tea, and share a few stories.

With the passage of time, traditional festive days have undergone changes. However, many still reminisce about the memories of days gone by. Drawing inspiration from the classic architecture of 19th-century Saigon, Bracom and Hotel Des Arts Saigon have crafted the 2023 Mid-Autumn gift set, aiming to convey stories rich in historical and cultural aesthetic values.

Adopting the perspective of a traveler strolling through the alleys of old Saigon, Bracom’s artistic hand portrays a grand scene, brimming with the poetic essence of the City Theater. Boasting a 124-year history (1899 – 2023), the City Theater has witnessed numerous historical stages of Indochina and the Saigon region. Located on the central boulevard of Catinat (Liberty) in old Saigon, it represents the epitome of Greek and French culture and art.

With the prominent image of the City Theater at the center of the gift box, intricate decorative motifs depicting artistic goddesses and Art Deco patterns are meticulously etched, radiating elegance, sophistication, and captivating allure. On the sides of the box, the vista expands, reconstructing the imagery of lush trees and the Continental Hotel. All these elements align along the Catinat street axis, creating harmony, dreaminess, and romance. As one gazes upon the masterpiece, an immediate journey through time to the late 19th century is undertaken.

In this journey of reversing historical currents, a return to old Saigon, viewers can admire the elegance of French architecture through the material and colors of the artwork. By blending the two dominant colors, blue and gold, the design seamlessly merges the delicate and distinctive beauty of the Indochinese interior style. Employing silver foil stamping and embossing techniques, viewers can feel the authenticity of the City Theater’s architecture as if it were standing right before them.

Through this artwork, we intend to show our gratitude and contribute to the preservation of aesthetic values concurrent with the times. It’s not only a testament to the history of a country’s development and cultural evolution but also serves as a material source of valuable inspiration, forming the foundation of contemporary artistic vitality.


Bracom Agency

Creative Director: Andy Ho
Project Manager: Van Duc Hoa
Project executive: Nhu Truong
Designer: Tram Nguyen
3D Visualizer: Duy Tran
3D Visualizer: Tiep Nguyen
Content Writer: Hoa Nguyen
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