The Autumn Melody Mooncake Box

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The Autumn Melody Mooncake Box 2023

Autumn is not just a season of family reunions. Amidst the moments of family togetherness, the fall season witnesses the graceful transition of nature, people, and creatures. As you watch the golden leaves gently fall in the crisp air, life’s bustling pace seems to slow down, allowing you to savor the distinctive romance of this time. To honor the beauty of this transitional period, the concept of “The Autumn Melodies” was born to capture the profound essence.

We call it ‘melodies’ because every detail in this Autumn painting is like a note in a symphony. The deep and harmonious movements of the wind, the birds… all come together in a melodious love song that enchants the soul. With ‘Autumn Melodies,’ beauty is not merely depicted from one perspective. Instead, your emotions and senses are awakened as you immerse yourself in our artwork. With cleverly concealed layers of paper, the paintings are made to be interactive, enhancing the overall experience. To explore every detail of ‘Autumn Melodies,’ you gently remove the outer paper layer to reveal the complete artwork.

The concept & executions:

As you progress from left to right, you’ll be enchanted by four dreamy scenes. There’s the serene morning with drifting clouds, the tranquil noon with golden leaves falling in the breeze, the romantic sunset embracing the flight of birds, and the sparkling evening illuminated by radiant lanterns. To add depth to the overall effect and create a sense of motion, each detail, from the clouds to the wind-blown trees and lanterns, has been meticulously embossed, providing a realistic and dynamic touch. The gold foil accents enhance the uniqueness of the Autumn painting with their captivating shimmer. Beyond the striking outer box, the interior of the gift set is carefully crafted with luxurious velvet fabric. The combination of deep blue and warm orange creates a sophisticated contrast that elevates the design.

We hope that this artwork will help you preserve memories and emotions associated with Autumn. To cherish the most romantic season of the year, place ‘Autumn Melodies’ in a corner of your room. Then, whenever your soul yearns for the soothing beauty of nature, you can gaze upon this artwork and find solace.


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Bracom Agency

Creative Director: Andy Ho
Project Manager: Hoa Van
Designer: Minh Tran
Designer: Duy Tran
Content Writer: Hoa Nguyen
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