Khởi sắc (Blooming)

A new year gift set for 2022 by Bracom Agency

The concept:
The gift set “Khoi Sac”, in the meaning of “Blooming flower”, was conceptualized and designed by Bracom Agency on the occasion of the 2022 Vietnamese Lunar New Year. We yearn for launching a product to highlight the Spring atmosphere and the beauty of Saigon in Tet by combining the traditional iconic with the innovative and modern visual language to keep the integrity, high-end gift set. Borrowing the iron window frame images in the old apartments in Saigon, we drew very colorful flowers in full bloom behind each window, symbolizing the scene of the house eagerly decorating Tet with many branches and colorful flower pots, all bringing a bustling Spring atmosphere. We would like to deliver a meaningful message as we wish you a very bright new year, lots of joy, luck and success and prosperity.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The floral pattern: We illustrated flowers that are familiar to each Vietnamese family as Chrysanthemum, Carnation and Kalanchoe. Although each family has their own favored flowers, everyone, in the common point, long for bringing the atmosphere of Spring and Tet into their homes through the fresh appearance of flowers. Floral motifs are printed by silkscreen technique on Orange, Green and Yellow fine art paper, resulting in eye-catching and vibrant gift boxes. The green represents plants and nature, yellow sketches the soon morning sunshine of the early spring days, and orange appears for the vitality and abundant energy for a new beginning. With the above color schemes, in addition to the meaning of gratitude gifts, these are also very appropriate decorative items to place next to the cake box and flower vase in the family during Tet this year.

The gift package:
The gift set is packed in a very special texture box with the lid made of plastic and the body of kraft paper, which makes the gift box sturdy and unique. A very minimal design is applied on the lid to keep the surface clean and clear, as well as exposing the fascinated design of the inside boxes, making it easy to display around your house’s corner. The plastic cover also contributes to adding shimmering beauty to the floral patterns inside.

From the iron window frames …
An outstanding point for this gift set is that the kraft paper belt covering the outside of each gift box is laser cut on the surface to retrieve the iron window frames. There are two opened-windows on the green and yellow boxes, and another closed-window on the orange box. This is the double-layer window system typical for the old Saigon house style. … to an old-style apartment building in

Last but not least, all of our gift sets, when folded into a block, can form the shape of an apartment building with many windows, each window having its own color. The overall apartment block is brilliant, like a new spring bringing new luck and prosperity to each family living there. And if you have the chance to visit Saigon, try to figure out which apartment image inspired us to realize this idea!