Agency: Bracom Agency
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing, screen printing

KUNE is a young startup that was established in Nairobi, the capital and the most developed city in Kenya, with a high concentration of students and workers, who need quality meals with reasonable prices. KUNE positioned themselves as the big kitchen of Kenya that spreads the mission of serving prepared meals with affordable prices for everyone. We turned the sun into a big idea, as the belief of ‘Good food worth sharing’. Just like the sun spreads light and energy to all creatures on the earth, KUNE shares good food to everyone and makes them delighted, hence connecting them together. To visualize that idea, we borrow the imagery of the sun ray to develop the visual identity as it is the perfect symbol to tell the story of spreading and connecting.

As the main touchpoint to connect with consumers, KUNE’s packaging was raised up to be the spotlight of the whole identity. Turning the constraint of fixed material into advantage, so much effort has been put on to create the eco-friendly and yet user-friendly packaging. Every decision on using any key visual was seriously considered to make the packaging look fresh and delicious from the outside.

Beside the sun ray imagery that was applied in most of the identity items, we also create the ingredient circle that reflects the mission of KUNE – spreading and connecting with colorful raw-shaped illustrations. By applying these yummy key visual into both categories, we create a highlight packaging that could attract a huge number of customer when it’s launched.