The Méhvirág Központ was created to provide a venue for planned home births and for any perinatal activities involving women, mothers and babies.

Their philosophy is that “The flower of our womb is not only our child, but also our creative ideas. And the Méhvirág Központ és Anyamenedék is a supporter of all of these, be it uninterrupted birth, motherhood, women’s health, therapy, art. Méhvirág essential oil blends are marketed in a kit containing 4 essential oil blends that support their users at 4 different stages of a woman’s life: Gentle Period Massage Oil, Harmony Pregnant Oil, Birthing Labour Oil, Postpartum Abdominal Massage Oil.

The packaging itself is made up of 2 parts: an outer box and a protective inner separator pack containing detailed information on the products’ ingredients, effects and uses. It was a design consideration that the guide should be part of the packaging, as the essential oil blends are used by the customer over a long period of time, more than a year. Another consideration is environmental friendliness, so the box is adhesive-free.

The illustration and graphic elements of the package reflect on the slogan of Méhvirág ‘Where our femininity is flourishing’.