Valladolid, España


Creation of a takeaway format to sell latte coffee in a NEKO COFFEE  (cat cafés, very famous in Asia, where you can interact with cats or just watch them). It will be sold as an impulse product in the checkout area.


The main element of the design is feline communication. One of the keys to understanding this feline is the cat’s tail, which, far from being purely ornamental, serves to communicate its moods and intentions through different positions and movements. The chosen positions show the state of calm and relaxation of the feline, this was decided as a sign of the well-being that the client will feel when being in a Neko Café. As a curious detail, the tail curved upwards means a friendly greeting.

What’s Unique?

Making “cat behavior” tangible through a visual metaphor 😸


Product Concept, Graphic Design / Marco Arroyo-Vázquez
Copy, Art Direction/ Marco Arroyo-Vázquez
Project Type / Student Concept
Industry / Food, Beverages
Market Region / Asia

Curator’s Insight

The straw, which is an essential part of your coffee-drinking experience, cleverly morphs into an extension of the cat’s tail, it seamlessly merges the act of sipping your latte with the graceful, fluid movements of a cat’s tail.