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This is a baijiu from Shaoshan, Hunan province, China, founded in 1870. There are 32 non-material cultural heritage craft cellars in the winery. The water used for winemaking is mineral water 30 meters underground. The obvious “Shao” character shows its “Shaoshan, Hunan” brewery location.

The packaging design was inspired by the Maofu brewery itself. The pattern on the box body and the delicate sketch describe the elegant wine making environment where the winery and nature coexist harmoniously, and convey the wine making concept of natural extraction with rich pattern details. As the saying goes, good wine is made in good circumstances, and good wine is naturally fragrant. This painting also implies this idea.

Through the packaging design from top to bottom, from the inside to the outside, it shows the broad and profound Chinese wine-making culture, and also shows the local customs of Hunan Shaoshan winery, thus endowing this product with profound wine culture.