Zhaori Ranch Light Cheese Snack Cup

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Zhaori Ranch has a vast natural pasture, with fertile land growing tender grass and free dairy cows raised under blue sky and white clouds, squeezing out natural and healthy milk to deliver to consumers. How to convey the brand impression of “natural health” has become the key communication intention of this design.

Color is an important aspect that attracts consumers, and the specially blended blue symbolizes “a good environment for cows and technological processes”, which endorses the quality of light cheese snack cups layer by layer. As a Japanese shareholding enterprise, Zhaori Ranch has incorporated the family emblem that has been passed down from Japan into its brand graphic design. The six petal shape is six horns, forming the strongest hexagonal matrix and representing the six elements of high-quality milk advocated by the brand.

In the health dimension, the addition of zero sucrose graphics echoes the brand impression of “health”; Using hand drawn illustrations to depict the scene of Zhaori Ranch, showcasing the impression of the “natural” brand. The overall design is elegant, simple, and efficient in conveying, providing consumers with clear thinking when making purchases, and laying a good foundation for conveying brand impressions.