The Fecske farm in the Esztergom agglomeration was started in 2018 by an enthusiastic couple in the spirit of sustainability. They believed that even a swallow ( means Fecske in Hungarian ) can make a summer if they gathered people around themself who live and think with similar principles.

The Fecske Tanya brand is made for them. The logo shows the name and a reduced form of a swallow landing on the letters of the Fecske farm, thus representing their slogan, their name and their relationship with nature. The main elements of the image are a woman and a man figure and the farm life. The illustrations were made manually using digital technology in Procreate. The image colours are green, beige and sunny yellow.

One of the profiles of the farm is organic gardening and raising animals. Nowadays, gardening has entered the public consciousness as a new hobby. Many people can not learn the steps of gardening from their parents and grandparents anymore, because either they are no longer alive or because they can not do it either. Unfortunately, horticulture departments often do not provide adequate information about plant associations. That is why the goal is to distribute such organic seeds, that would help the customer with different sized packaging to plant the companion plants. In this way, novice gardeners and people with little free time can easily start taking care of their kitchen garden.

The packaging design was created for this idea. Two types of illustrative paper boxes have been created, one with a female figure and the other one with a male figure. A box contains 5 packets of seed and an unfoldable planting manual that can be put in their own compartment.


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