A melting pot of references that transcends space

Cervejaria Iemanjá combines elements of popular culture, folklore, nature, imagery and even space exploration in its hoppy cider labels. This fusion creates a playful, supernatural, scientific, sacred and fantastic universe. The brewery’s eclectic labels reflect this cultural mix and invite consumers to a sensorial experience that goes beyond simple tasting, connecting them with stories and references that enrich the appreciation of the drink. It is a celebration of Brazil’s creativity, cultural diversity and imagination, providing a unique journey with each can.

By celebrating this rich diversity and exploring themes ranging from mythology to space exploration, Cervejaria Iemanjá reminds us that beer is more than just a drink; It is an expression of human creativity, an artistic manifestation that connects us with our history and our deepest dreams. It is a celebration of imagination, where each sip invites us to explore new horizons, to dream of the unknown and to savor the magic that is present in each bottle.

Curator’s Insight

The illustration of mythical creatures and cosmic landscapes encourages consumers to linger and explore the label, discovering new elements with each glance.