SEXTET Winemaker Wine Limited Gift Box

LionPeng Design Studio


This project is for the Australian SEXTET Winery to jointly create this limited edition gift box for the Six Ensemble Winemaker Winery. The owner’s vision is to highlight the vineyard’s exceptional terroir and winemaking skills, and the grand limited edition release began in October 2020.

The overall vision of Sextet is excellence from distinguished vineyard sites and winemaking, limited release in 2020 October. The six winemakers Harley Michel, Robert Foley, Nicolas Cooper, Luke Michel, Tim Davis and Alexander Bernini highlight the individual terroirs of the region, whose philosophy has not changed significantly since its inception. They strongly believe that great wine begins in the vineyard (a philosophy held by all the world’s great estates). From the high-quality, low-yielding fruit that is grown on the vineyard sites, the aim of Sextet is to make balanced wines that will stand the test of time with the overall arching vision of excellence in mind. The Sextet wines typically can be enjoyed in their youth or can be cellared with confidence producing even better results.


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