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AmWel+ Collagen Water: Packaging Design Project

Challenge: AmWel+ Collagen Water is a health beverage brand that has been present in the market for some time. It focuses on improving the formula and enhancing the flavor to make it even more enjoyable. The key to connecting with the younger generation, who seek simplicity in a health-conscious lifestyle, lies in a design that is sleek yet stylish. The brand identity should be easily recognizable and memorable.

Idea: To captivate the younger audience who value health and simplicity, we’ve revamped the product name, “Collagen Water 3000mg.,” with a vertical orientation and used bold, contrasting colors for an elegant touch. This approach defies industry norms by distinguishing itself from typical horizontal labels on clear bottles. The addition of graceful graphics on free space adds sophistication, and the brand logo at the top creates a memorable contrast. Subtle flavor graphics complete the overall design, ensuring it’s eye-catching and stands out on the shelf.


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