9th Fl Sethiwan Tower 139 Pan Rd Silom Bangrak Bangkok 10500 Thailand

Haruna PRETO: Branding & Packaging Design

Challenge: Haruna PRETO is a digestive supplement that enhances balanced gut health by aiding easy bowel movements and a strong digestive system through a 3-step process (Pre-Pro-Post). It aims to cater to a wider customer base, providing increased fiber content and a variety of flavors for easier consumption. The goal is for customers to recognize that Haruna PRETO maintains the same quality as HARUNA but offers enhanced ease of consumption, better flavors, quicker results, and distinct flavor options.

Idea: Our design journey begins by creating fluid and engaging graphics resembling water splash, emphasizing the fun aspect, using vibrant colors, and showcasing images of various fruit flavors and ingredients that are visually appealing and tempting. Haruna PRETO operates under the same brand identity as HARUNA, ensuring consistent quality, but with a stronger focus on ease of consumption, improved flavors, faster results, and a clear distinction between flavor options, all while staying true to its Japanese heritage.