Elsewhere: liquor is the art of time and space. Grain is reborn into wine due to time; space is due to differences in production areas. Drinkers can follow the clues of the wine aroma and imagine that rice is blooming and bearing fruit on other lands; and while slightly tipsy, they can see birds falling in love in the rice fields. Deer running in the mountains.

This is a liquor that is in line with the drinking habits of Chinese people. Its name is “Elsewhere” – it comes from the experience that drinking brings to people, and the wonderful feeling of traveling to a distant place brought by being tipsy. The packaging is inspired by Chinese landscape paintings, with mountains as the main visual element. The combination of the two-volume bottles is reminiscent of the rolling mountains, with strolling deer and soaring cranes in the mountains. The bottle shape is simple, fashionable and It is also rich in traditional Chinese aesthetic taste. This wine is only sold in boxes of two bottles or three bottles. The front cover of the outer box is made of highly transparent PVC material. The transparent material of the front cover and the white moiré printed on the bottom create a joint effect with the bottles in the box. The beauty of Izumo Mountain’s mist perfectly expresses the feeling that this wine wants to convey to customers.


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