Welcome to Zoran’s new world. Among Zoran’s full product lines, there are Zoran, Xuehu, Zhuanghu, Beihu and other products, providing scientific and accurate nutritional solutions for children aged 3-6 with different needs. Through the collaboration of multiple products, we integrate IP stories into the Zhuoran series to create a world full of surprises and fun. We hope that the wonderful and exquisite Zoran milk powder will become the first gift in a child’s growth journey, leaving unforgettable memories for Chinese children who grow up drinking Zoran.

欢迎来到卓然新世界 在卓然全产品线中,此前已有卓然、雪狐、壮狐、北狐等多种产品,为3-6岁不同需求的儿童提供科学精准的营养解决方案。通过多款产品的协同,我们将IP故事融入到卓然系列中,打造一个充满惊喜和乐趣的世界。我们希望美妙而精致的卓然奶粉成为孩子成长旅程中的第一份礼物,为喝着卓然长大的中国孩子留下难忘的回忆。