Holy Winged Angel Wine

LionPeng Design Studio

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This is a France dry red wine. The design was inspired by the devout friar painter-Angelico, who was passionate about painting angels to appease people’s sufferings. According to legend, in the temple monastery of the last century, under the instructions of the god of the wine-Dionysus, a pair of angels, planted grape buds into fertile soil and irrigated with the holy water in the monastery atrium. Thus creating a history of winemaking. This story came slowly through the undulating pattern of the paper on the bottle. Fine wine with beautiful paintings is a good way to comfort the hearts of drinkers.

The design adopts the technique of three-dimensional relief, presenting the white and clean gypsum texture. Far view feeling is “pure and nothingness”, close view feeling is “white jade flawless”. Such visual aesthetics not only can catch consumers’ eyes the first time, but also trigger consumers to return to simplicity, and simple life thinking. You can meditatively perceive the calm ideology, through the label and back label of the embossing process, you can feel a philosophy of elegance and tranquillity.

To highlight the uniqueness of this product, we use white wax seals and limited numbers to give each product the significance of being collected into a wine cabinet. The design is extremely restrained from top to bottom, making the bottle look like a white sculpture outside the French church wall, giving the finished wine bottle the meaning of a collector. With this, we have completed our works and expressed our high respect and piety to devout friar painter Angelico.


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